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Easy oven cleaning tips & hacks!

Cleaning your oven is something that should be performed throughout the year....

Especially after the holidays!

With spring in the air, many folks are starting to think about spring cleaning. Oven cleaning should definitely be on the list of things to tackle.

Many people open their ovens and dread the task of cleaning it.

Dread no more! We have put together a list of ways and products you can use to quickly and effectively clean away the holiday grime.

But first, why is it so important to clean your oven?

Just like anything else in your home- the more you keep up on tidying, organizing and cleaning, the easier it is to maintain. This applies to your oven as well.

Not only is a clean oven aesthetically pleasing- a clean oven makes for yummier food and less germs.

According to experts- an oven should be cleaned every 3-6 months or as often as needed.

'Self Cleaning' oven function

Many ovens have a self cleaning function. If your oven has this- by all means, use it! What the self cleaning oven function does is it heats the oven up to 880 degrees fahrenheit. This means any debris inside the oven incinerates and you're left with an ash once the cycle is complete. When the oven has cooled down, you can easily wipe the ash with soapy water. A great and simple way to clean the oven without harsh chemicals. It is important to note that this function usually takes a few hours and can cause a harsh odor. Also, any commercial oven cleaning spray should not be used in a self cleaning oven as this will damage the enamel coating. Always remove oven racks before starting the self cleaning cycle.

Store bought oven cleaner

Sometimes the cooked on grime needs a little extra TLC...

Some chemical, store bought cleaner!

A tried and true brand we use is Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner.

You can purchase it for under $5

What we like to do is heat the oven to 200 degrees fahrenheit. Once the oven has fully heated up to that temperature we coat the oven with Easy-Off and wait 30 minutes for the product to dwell.

Even though the product says Fume Free- it still has an odor and its best to open a window if you can. We recommend using a mask and gloves as it is a harsh chemical product.

Wipe the remaining grease and food with a cloth.

Make your own DIY oven cleaner

Mother Nature always provides! You can make your own oven cleaner using household products such as: white vinegar, baking soda, water and lemons. Mix all ingredients together until it makes a paste. Apply inside your oven and wait at least 20 minutes. Use a blue scratch-free sponge and wipe clean with a cloth.

So that includes some of our tips and tricks for cleaning your oven! However, let's face it... most people don't clean their ovens as often as experts suggest. Avoid cleaning it all together by hiring a local professional cleaning service that provides oven cleaning! Contact us @BraveheartServicesLLC to get your oven cleaned today and cross it off your spring cleaning checklist.

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