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Green Cleaning with White Vinegar?!

Using white vinegar is one of the easiest, most budget friendly ways to clean your home. Here is a comprised list of many ways you can use this product to clean your home naturally and effectively.

Firstly, as amazing as white vinegar is to clean with- we think it is a good idea to lay out surfaces that should NOT be cleaned with vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and the acidity can cause damage to certain surfaces. For example:

-Granite, Marble, Travertine, Slate, Soapstone, etc. countertops

The acidity in the vinegar will eat at the finish over time. The easiest way to keep stone clean in between professional cleanings is dish soap and water.

-Natural stone tile

-Screens on tech devices

The acidity in vinegar will eat the coating of your screens over time. Using a clean microfiber will do the trick. Or a screen cleaner with microfiber.

-Waxed wooden floors and furniture

Just like granite and marble countertops the acidity will eat the wax finish over time. Be cautious when using vinegar to clean wooden surfaces.

-Unfinished wood

-Castiron and aluminum


Now that we got that out of the way. Let's discuss the many ways you CAN use vinegar to clean and disinfect in your home!

-Windows, mirrors and glass

vinegar not only cleans and shines mineral deposits and hard water build up- it also prevents more build up.

-Bathroom fixtures

faucets, shower head, shower, tub, sink, toilets

-Linoleum floors

a vinegar/water solution gently removes dirt and residue, plus vinegar removes buildup from previous cleaning product to restore shine.

-Solid surface countertops

laminate, ceramic tile, and solid surface countertops can be wiped with a a vinegar/water solution

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